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9/4/15: Labor Day

Labor Day was created in 1894 and over the past several decades this holiday has evolved to have many meanings. In the earlier years, it was a day that celebrated the hardwork of men and women and gave people the opportunity to understand the influence of unions in the workforce at a time when much was changing in our country. For most of us, we now pause to celebrate the day with family and friends at a barbeque, spending time at the Goshen Fair, perhaps tackling a few house projects or catching a movie.  And who doesn't struggle with the thought of wearing white as the day starts to wind down?? Kidding aside, it is important to acknowledge the work and efforts of so many who make our daily lives easier and better with the work they do. Enjoy the holiday weekend, take time to thank someone who serves you, be sure to order the large onion rings at the Fair and keep those whites on the top shelf! Summer still has lots to offer in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy.

8/21/15: TGIF

Just read a note and wanted to share one of the lines: "Nonprofits are essential and integral to a thriving community". In our community we are so fortunate to have many non-profits that serve the needs and interests of so many each and every day. Pause a moment and think about how our lives are touched by these organizations. It is pretty awesome and it makes this area a thriving and vibrant place to live, work, raise a family, enjoy and contribute to a strong sense of community. Nice to ponder these thoughts as we wind down the week.



8/11/15: Award of Appreciation from the ARC

Account Manager Lou Cassano presents Litchfield Community Center's Executive Director Berta Andrulis Mette an "Award of Appreciation from the American Red Cross"  in recognition of the Community Center's sponsorship of blood drives held at The Community Center.


The partnership spans over 15 years and in 2014 alone, 394 donations were made which impacted 1182 lives.


Lou acknowledged the Community Center's staff, the many local Red Cross volunteers and all the dedicated donors in our community, who have generously contributed to the remarkable success of these drives. We join him in gratitude! 


The next blood drive will be held on Tuesday, October 6.  

8/3/15: Message from Berta

Hello and welcome to the Community Center's new website!
We are thrilled to have this wonderful new presence and I hope you find the site engaging, comprehensive and easy to use. I must extend many thanks to Rob & Kyra Hartnett for their creative genius and professional contributions to this effort.

The Community Center is the hub of enriching experiences for individuals of all ages living in Litchfield, Northwest CT and beyond. I am grateful for the constant inspiration you provide me and for having the privilege of working for our great community and this exceptional organization.
I welcome your ideas and thoughts! Please take advantage of the opportunity to send me a message directly through this website or stop by my office to share these. Your feedback is valuable and gives us great guidance as we plan for and develop programs, activities and services to meet your interests and needs.

Come. Be a part of all that is happening at The Litchfield Community Center. You give us purpose.

Thank you,

Berta Andrulis Mette

Executive Director

7/29/15: What a July!

We are winding down the month of July with quite an afterglow from the many wonderful events and gatherings that took place over the past few weeks! Children and families came for all kinds of fun activities during the week of July 6th. All program offerings that week were offered free, and with our sincere gratitude to all of you who support our daily mission! Fun was had in classes such as yoga, dance, tai chi,sculpt and tone, bridge and great arts! Reptiles came to the Center with White Memorial Conservation Center staff to entertain and educate children. Potluck dishes graced the table and dancing feet on the floor during the midweek luncheon. And the week was capped off with our annual Carnival Day where kids and parents were treated to the delights of clowns, bouncy houses, games, music and carnival fun! Kudos to Dan, Eve and several high school volunteers for making the day so special for all those who attended. 


And then the flowed continued with "Cirque du Extraordinaire"! The most amazing gala event and an incredibly FUN fundraiser for the Community Center. 340 guests had plenty to enjoy with the Circus Arts entertainment provided by Matica Arts & Co. Opportunity abounded to win great gifts through the ticket drawing and live auction too! We are so appreciative of the generous donations made by local businesses. The array of items was exceptional and of great quality and value.  The most impressive exhibit of circus theme pieces created by 17 local artists were also displayed and bid on during the silent auction portion of the evening. The artists deserve the greatest of praise not only for their remarkable talents, but even more so for their generosity of spirit and devotion to the Community Center. They are amazing! Great food and drink was enjoyed by all under the "big tent". The crew of 16 high school students from Litchfield and Wamogo were dynamos! We could not have done right without their boundless energy and focus throughout the whole event. Big Cheers to each of you!


Beyond a doubt, this was the best gala fundraiser we have had to date. Led by the incomparable Ron Leal, he once again graced the event with his creative genius and constant inspiration. Ron rocks. In addition to Ron, a great effort by the Community Center's Board of Directors helped immensely in bringing all intentions for this event to fruition and resulted in success that everyone deserves to be so proud of.


I can't leave thoughts of July without mentioning the dedication and efforts of the Community Center staff of Cheryl, Dan, Darrin, Eve, Kalina and Madeline who gave their best everyday for the benefit of every individual and group we served this month. The best thing is they are willing to do this each and every day! The staff's efforts are  further complimented by the many volunteers, both teens and adults, who give of their time, energy and enthusiasm to The Community Center and help us all shine that much more. THANK YOU!!


*Thank you to the Connecticut Community Foundation and The Bouchard Family
for the generous support they provided to make our new website possible.*


So what's coming up next?? Stay tuned...



"And here is a message from our Board President Nancy Rogers.

Reflections and gratitude for the success of "Cirque du Extraordinaire"..."

Dear Friends of Litchfield Community Center (LCC);


   On July 18, 2015 the spirit of our great town was brightly shining at the LCC’s Summer Fest 2015, Cirque du Extraordinaire.


    I want to thank everyone who was a part of this very successful fundraiser. The net proceeds from the event are over $57,000, our most successful event in our 15-year history.


    Over 340 guests came together to celebrate the Litchfield Community Center and to have fun.


    There are many people who need to be thanked, our generous donors, the artists who donated work for the silent auction, the restaurants and merchants who donated items for the raffle and live auction, the numerous volunteers, our organization’s dedicated Board of Directors and the Community Center’s outstanding staff members.


     A special thanks to board member and event co-chair Ron Leal whose creative genius and tireless energy transformed the center into a circus under the big tent. Executive Director Berta Andrulis Mette used her magical skills and figured out how to make every creative idea a reality.


    Proceeds from the event will be used to support our ever-growing programs and services.


With gratitude,

Nancy Rogers

President, Board of Directors


For pictures of the event, click here


6/25/15: Storm King Art Center

A wonderful day was enjoyed by all on our recent visit to Storm King Art Center in New Windsor, NY. The day was spent strolling and tramming about the 500 acres of this property, viewing over 100 fine sculptures created by some of the most acclaimed artists of our time. Pieces included works by Alexander Calder, Maya Lin, David Smith, Henry Moore, Mark Di Suvero and many more! The setting and landscape for the Art Center is extraordinary and a work of art itself. The Community Center offers on-going trips to a variety of attractions both nearby and just hours away. Inquire about what is coming up next and be sure to share your trip ideas. It's fun to take community spirit on the road!

Photo credits: Lauren P. Della Monica

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