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September 2015

9/9/15: Back to School...

Schedules are changing for most this time of year as the kids go back to school, new programs are starting, and we start thinking about fall and winter...but let's not do that yet.  Our after school programs this Fall will take place outside as weather permits.  Running, jumping, and playing will keep us active even as the days get shorter.  The weather this past week is a good reminder there is plenty of time left to enjoy the wonderful natural resources in our backyard.

9/4/15: Labor Day

Labor Day was created in 1894 and over the past several decades this holiday has evolved to have many meanings. In the earlier years, it was a day that celebrated the hardwork of men and women and gave people the opportunity to understand the influence of unions in the workforce at a time when much was changing in our country. For most of us, we now pause to celebrate the day with family and friends at a barbeque, spending time at the Goshen Fair, perhaps tackling a few house projects or catching a movie.  And who doesn't struggle with the thought of wearing white as the day starts to wind down?? Kidding aside, it is important to acknowledge the work and efforts of so many who make our daily lives easier and better with the work they do. Enjoy the holiday weekend, take time to thank someone who serves you, be sure to order the large onion rings at the Fair and keep those whites on the top shelf! Summer still has lots to offer in the next couple of weeks. Enjoy.

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