Thanks to Sunny

A Tribute to
Sonia P.
Seherr Thoss
1919 - 2006

Our organization will always honor and remember, with sincere gratitude and respect, our greatest benefactor, founder and devoted friend, Sunny Seherr-Thoss.
One cannot think of the Community Center without mentioning Mrs. Seherr-Thoss' name, her contributions and her legacy. The Litchfield Community Center would not be if she had not embraced the project with her heart, soul and mark of excellence. Mrs. Seherr-Thoss has given our organization and facilities a strong foundation, and a promising future, to continue to pursue new endeavors and implement thoughtful initiatives.
We believe all that is good in Litchfield has an indelible impression of Mrs. Seherr-Thoss' extraordinary virtues, most remarkably; her wisdom, creativity, joy of living, tenacious energy, philanthropy, logic, grace and noble ideals. She lived a life of generous service. Her commitment to bringing so many local projects to fruition is reflected in the vast array and caliber of activity going on daily in our community's finest organizations and institutions. Mrs. Seherr-Thoss raised our civic consciousness. This remains and is immortal. And for those whose lives she touched, important to cherish.