Family Creative Movement

11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Location: Cost: $125.00 * Pre-registration required

Family Creative Movement
Tuesdays, April 23—May 21 / 11am—12pm
Ages 2-5 with a Parent, or Caregiver
20% discount for second child
Siblings under 1 are welcome at no extra charge

Creative movement and dance focusing on the body, space, relationships, and quality of movement concepts for work alone, with a partner, and in small groups. The techniques and concepts incorporates the uses of problem
solving, cognitive, cooperative, and improvisation learning techniques.

Props are also used including beanbags, hula hoops, scarves, jump ropes instruments and more! Children's literature books are the focus on a theme such as numbers, letters, animals, insects, ocean, country, color, farm, etc. Laugh, dance and feel the JOY of movement!

Class taught by Kaitlin Clark of Integrative Healing Arts
*MA Integrative Health
*Professional CT Educator (Pre-K-12) Art Education
*Reiki Master/Teacher
*Animal Reiki Practitioner
*BFA Photography
*CNC - Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant
*NIA Dance - White Belt

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