"Is a Green Burial For You?"

6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Location: Atrium Cost: Free * Pre-registration is encouraged

Jon Ryan of Gleeson-Ryan Funeral Home discusses "Green Burial" an alternative to the traditional way of buying a body or ashes in a cemetery/private land while keeping with the ethical treatment of the deceased. Green burials protect natural resources and ensure minimal environmental impact.
A green burial can mean not embalming and not using a vault or it could mean being buried in a specialized "green cemetery" with no vault, no embalming and no casket (a shroud would be used).
If someone were to have a large amount of land, they could also choose to be buried in one of the above mentioned ways on their own property.
There are specific cemeteries that allow Green Burials including ones in Danbury and Rhinebeck, NY.
Learn more about this important option for you end of life planning

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