"A Life On Our Planet"

6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Location: Atrium Cost: FREE

"A Life On Our Planet" - Wednesday, April 21, 6pm

David Attenborough "witness statement", A Life on Our Planet may be the most important film of our time.

David Attenborough provides a visually stunning clarion call for change. He uses his unique experience over 93 years to outline planetary changes over a lifetime. Relatable for all ages.

Older people will follow the well-structured historic outline with floods of memories. Younger people can live them vicariously through the steady voice of a trusted elder. No one walks away from this message with a shrug. An opportunity for collective action. The time is now!

Join us for a group viewing and discussion of A Life On Our Planet. Post movie discussion and question and answer will be led by local science educator and environmental activist Dean Birdsall.

The reviews are through the roof.

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