FREE 15 Minute Reiki Healing Sessions

12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Location: Community Room Cost: FREE * Pre-registration is required via phone

Join us for a FREE 15 Minute Reiki Session on September 23rd During our Health and Wellness Fair!

Ann Moureau a Reiki Master and Teaching will be providing FREE 15 minute Reiki Sessions. Reiki is a gentle, non-invasive and natural form of hands-on-healing that brings balance and harmony to your mind, body, spirit and emotions.

During a Reiki treatment, you rest fully clothes on a comfortable table. the Reiki practitioner's hands rest lightly on your head and body in a standardized format. Recipient's often express feelings of warmth coming from the practitioners hands along with a sense of deep relaxation and comfort.

Reiki is treating the whole person this includes root causes of illness, distress, and imbalance are addressed. Emotional patterns and mental perceptions that no longer serve optimal health and happiness are released with Reiki.

Time Slots:
12:15-12:30 - Taken
12:35-12:50 - Taken
12:55-1:10 - Taken
1:15-1:30 - Taken
1:35-1:50 - Taken

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