Let's ALL "Race Across America"

8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Location: Cost: FREE * This event is ON-GOING until we reach our goal! Join Anytime!

It's time to get outside, enjoy the sun & fresh air
and start moving!
Join us as we "Race Across America"!
It's SO simple.
Starts Sat. May 1 to celebrate "National Fitness Day"

This is event is ON-GOING until we reach our goal and make it "Across America"
(and maybe beyond...!) Join Anytime!

Activate the Strava App every time you go out for a walk or run and we will keep track of everyone's mileage.
We will accumulate weekly mileage and track our progress across the USA!
There will be regular goals and updates! So keep watching!

How to sign-up for Strava:

1. Click here: Register

2. On next page click: "Join Club"

3. On next page click: "Login" or "Sign up".

4. You will then be a part of the Litchfield Community Center Club

Don't want to use the Strava app?
Keep track manually and let us know your mileage!

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