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The intersection of Lyme disease, Bartonella, mold sickness, Fibromyalgia and Long Covid. Virtual presentation on Zoom.

Rika K. Keck
NY Integrated Health
Global Lyme Alliance Ambassador

Rika K. Keck is a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, FDN-P. In 2007,she founded NY Integrated Health, LLC, a holistic nutrition, exercise, and wellness company.

Her mission includes the exploration of healing opportunities for clients who are chronically ill with symptoms associated with Lyme disease and co-infections, and clients who wish to engage in herbal interventions while in antibiotic treatment. Rika also consults with clients who are experiencing biotoxin illness associated with harmful mold exposure in water-damaged homes or workspaces.

In 2017, she published her first book entitled, Nourish, Heal, Thrive: a comprehensive and holistic approach to living with Lyme disease. (Greenleaf Book Group). It's a resourceful read for individuals while in antibiotic or alternative Lyme disease treatment and for those who never fully recovered post-treatment. Her second book is Nourish Your Brain Cookbook: Discover how to keep your brain healthy with 60 delicious recipes was published in the fall of 2017.

Since December 2016, Keck has been a Member of the International Lyme and
Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). As of 2018, Rika has been a founding member of The Global Lyme Alliance Ambassador Program, which is committed to communityeducation and outreach.

Currently she is primarily based in Washington Depot, CT.

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