Improving Biodiversity in your Backyard for Pollinators and Birds

4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Cost: FREE * Registration required for Zoom link.

Join former Litchfield science teacher John Markelon as he teaches how to Improve Biodiversity in your Backyard for Pollinators and Birds.

Scientists tell us that extinction rates are the highest since the dinosaurs roamed the planet. There are simple things we can do in our gardens and in our backyard that can slow this trend. We will discuss simple strategies to improve backyard habitat for pollinators and birds.

Lecture will be live on ZOOM, with time for Q&A.
Registration required for ZOOM link.
ZOOM link will be emailed 24 hours prior to program.

About the presenter:
John Markelon started teaching after backpacking ~7000 miles and earning a BA in humanities and a MST in Environmental Education. He taught high school science for 33 years at New Milford, Northwest Regional #7, and Litchfield High Schools. He taught biology, earth science and environmental science. From 1992 - 2014 he coached eight state championship Envirothon teams from three different high schools. In 2008, John brought his team to the University of Connecticut for a conference on Biodiversity. It was here that he was introduced to the work of Dr. Doug Tallamy from the University of Delaware. Dr. Tallamy's research demonstrates that the quality and type of plants in a landscape have profound effects on the number and diversity of pollinators in that landscape. John was awarded three grants to help him start a native plant nursery, create a one acre native perennial meadow and re-establish native woody plants to the forested section of the Litchfield High School campus. Before retiring in June 2020, John became president of the Litchfield Land Trust and co-founder of the Litchfield Pollinator Pathway.

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