Retirement Investing and Avoiding Bear Market Losses

7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Location: Lounge Cost: $20 FOR ALL 6 CLASSES! * Pre-Registration require online, or call!

Instructor Charlie Enz will conduct a 6 week course on successful retirement investing beginning Tuesday January 23 to February 27 from
7-8:30pm. ALL 6 COURSES ONLY $20!

A FREE download of the course book can be found at:

"When the facts change I change my opinion, what do you do?" John Maynard Keynes
Successful investing is not rocket science or luck but requires attention to methods that create success.
Four Course Goals: 1. To show the majority of what has been taught about investing is ineffective for the individual investor. 2. Offer alternative approaches to significantly increase ultimate wealth using fact based investing (vs judgment, experience, or expert opinion). 3. Show how this can be achieved while controlling risk, minimizing taxes, and short-term volatility. 4. Provide a framework to accomplish these objectives while beating the S&P 500, sleeping soundly at night, avoiding common behavioral investing errors, and having a life. I bring to the class stories of my failures and successes in investments and investment strategy. Backed by an extensive list of readings, resources, and recommendations for a variety of investment styles.

Pre-registration is required. Call Center with any questions or to register.

*Note: A $3 processing fee will apply each online registrant.

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