The Great Courses "The Wisdom of History"

2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

Location: Learning Center Cost: Free

Do the lessons passed down to us by history, lessons whose origins may lie hundreds, even thousands, of years in the past, still have value for us today? Is Santayana's oft-repeated saying, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" merely a way to offer lip service to history as a teacher--or can we learn from it? And if we can, what is it that we should be learning?

36 Lectures include: 30 minutes each

1 Why We Study History
2 WWI and the Lessons of History
3 Hitler's Rise and the Lessons of History
4 WWII and the Lessons of History
5 Is Freedom a Universal Value?
6 Birth of Civilization in the Middle East
7 The Trojan War and the Middle East
8 Ancient Israel and the Middle East
9 Ancient Greece and the Middle East
10 Athenian Democracy and the Empire
11 The Destiny of the Athenian Democracy
12 Alexander the Great and the Middle East
13 The Roman Republic as Superpower
14 Rome of the Caesars as Superpower
15 Rome and the Middle East
16 Why the Roman Empire Fell
17 Christianity
18 Islam

19 The Ottoman Empire and Turkey
20 The Spanish Empire and Latin America
21 Napolean's Liberal Empire
22 The British Empire in India
23 Russia and Empire
24 China and Empire
25 The Empire of Genghis Khan
26 Britain's Legacy of Freedom
27 George Washington as Statesman
28 Thomas Jefferson as Statesman
29 America's Empire of Liberty-Lewis and Clark
30 America and Slavery
31 Abraham Lincoln as Statesman
32 The United States and Empire
33 Franklin Roosevelt as Statesman
34 A Superpower at the Crossroads
35 The Wisdom of History and the Citizen
36 The Wisdom of History and You

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